Cardiovascular diseases are No. 1 cause of death worldwide. Related symptoms reduce our quality of life and reduce life expectancy. Doctors, clinics, pharmacies, research institutes and healthcare providers around the world are working to improve the quality of life of each individual with individual methods and treatings. They all need technologies that allow individual screening of the population, guarantee reliable diagnosis and provide secure eHealth systems.

Solutions that meet these requirements are developed by IEM.
The skills of our partners in combination with our technologies help people to live a healthier life because our health is our highest good.

IEM® - on life´s side


#FridayFacts – L-Arginine

The amino acid L-arginine is an important protein building block and involved in numerous functions in the body. Various studies have already shown that hypertension can be positively influenced by L-arginine. Arginine is found mainly in various kernels, nuts and legumes as well as cereals, but also in fish and ...

#FridayFacts – Base powder

A possible cause of high blood pressure is an acidification of the organism in many cases caused by a high consumption of food that forms acid. As a result, important nutrients cannot be transported to all corners of the organs. Naturally, this is done by the red blood cells, which, ...

#FridayFacts – Magnesium

In various scientific studies it has been observed that magnesium deficiency may result in hypertension. Magnesium deficiency with normal nutrition can often not be completely compensated. The causes are many: A lack of magnesium, for example, by increased absorption of magnesium in the bones arises. Depending on the doses, magnesium ...
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