Cardiovascular diseases are No. 1 cause of death worldwide. Related symptoms reduce our quality of life and reduce life expectancy. Doctors, clinics, pharmacies, research institutes and healthcare providers around the world are working to improve the quality of life of each individual with individual methods and treatings. They all need technologies that allow individual screening of the population, guarantee reliable diagnosis and provide secure eHealth systems.

Solutions that meet these requirements are developed by IEM.
The skills of our partners in combination with our technologies help people to live a healthier life because our health is our highest good.

IEM® - on life´s side


Covid-19 & Social Distancing

Covid-19 & Social Distancing Easy digital solutions for Blood Pressure adjustment in challenging times     Your advantages at a glance: Personal Doctor to Patient appointments are made redundant Patients save the trip to a medical institution and thus avoid infection Direct transmission of all data from the patient into ...

Product solutions for the Covid-19 pandemic

Disposable items for long-term blood pressure measurement provide a solution in times of the pandemic to comply with the higher hygiene standards and to protect against further spread.     IEM offers superior solutions ensuring safe medical care of your patients even during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic while complying with ...

Sales Meeting 2020

We had the pleasure of welcoming some of our international sales partners to a three-day workshop in Aachen. A successful exchange of product novelties, sales concepts and productive dialogues pave the way for a successful start to the new financial year. We would like to thank you for your participation ...
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