#FridayFacts – L-Arginine

The amino acid L-arginine is an important protein building block and involved in numerous functions in the body. Various studies have already shown that hypertension can be positively influenced by L-arginine. Arginine is found mainly in various kernels, nuts and legumes as well as cereals, but also in fish and meat.

Ingestion of L-arginine can improve an existing vascular disorder due to deposits. Scientists were able to confirm that even small amounts of arginine were sufficient to reach an effect. This analysis shows that the amino acid is an essential component in the treatment of cardiovascular patients with hypertension, circulatory disorders or arteriosclerosis. Different studies show that patients with atherosclerosis or high blood pressure often had L-arginine deficiency. Since the body cannot produce enough amino acid itself, it is recommended that the arginine deficiency be compensated early enough to prevent arteriosclerosis and regulate blood pressure.

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