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Hypertension (high blood pressure) and its secondary diseases (heart disease, kidney failure, strokes, etc.) are the number one causes of death worldwide according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), with an anually mortality rate of 41 million. There are more than 1.6 billion identified hypertensives globally, though the true figures are probably higher. There is also a need for action in helping uncontrolled hypertensives due to a lack of compliance or prescription of the wrong medication.


From identification to optimised treatment

From screening solutions for identification and risk classification of unknown hypertensives, to systems for making and confirming diagnoses and telemetry concepts for optimising treatment and monitoring:
IEM supports healthcare providers around the world to strengthen awareness of the risk of cardiovascular diseases and uses innovative hypertension management technologies to contribute to primary and secondary prevention for long-term health promotion.


Non-invasive blood pressure and vascular ageing screening
Clear presentation of results in the form of a report
Information and recommendation for action

With the agedio® vascular age measurement, you offer your customers an innovative prevention service that can significantly reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke during their lifetime by early detection of high-risk patients and unknown hypertensives.

The non-invasive measurement and analysis of measurement results can be quickly performed in just a few minutes. These can then be incorporated into a clear and concise report, visualised by means of a traffic light system. The results compare the apparent ageing of the vessels with the actual biological age of the patient, giving people identified as high-risk the chance to take preventive measures, and so to significantly reduce the personal risk of a cardiovascular event.

IEM screening solutions can be used in a wide range of applications: Customers use IEM screening technologies worldwide in pharmacies, medical practices and hospitals, but also in corporate healthcare management and the fitness and nutrition sector.

We support this service with the following products


Presentation of results report to doctor
Prescription of 24-hour long-term measurement
Performance of 24-hour long-term measurement
Analysis of the measurement results and diagnosis by the doctor
Prescription of therapy and provision of a telemetric home blood pressure measurement device

Using our validated ABPM system creates added clinical and commercial value, and enables the user to make a reliable diagnosis. A single blood pressure measurement is ideally supplemented by an ABPM in order to identify significant daily fluctuations in blood pressure. In this way different hypertension phenomena (e.g. white coat hypertension, masked hypertension, nighttime hypertension etc.) can be diagnosed.

IEM has been working on conventional methods of blood pressure measurement to incorporate pulse wave analysis (PWA), which includes key cardiovascular parameters and can be offered as an optional upgrade. Our long-term monitors can perform a pulse wave analysis alongside blood pressure measurement in the context of an automatic measurement cycle.

An analysis of individual PWA parameters provides a clearer picture of the cardiovascular risk than peripheral blood pressure alone. In addition, the ESH/ESC guidelines on classification and treatment of hypertension help to produce a significantly better indication when making a decision on medication. To ensure that the process of visiting the medical centre and treating the patient is as efficient as possible, we integrate intelligent assistance into our products in the form of Smart Solutions*, and these also encourage patients to accept our ABPM systems far more readily.

We support this service with the following products

Real-time transmission of measured values. Regular control of values and therapy adjustment by the doctor as necessary
Successful treatment thanks to optimum therapy adjustments, as well as long-term success thanks to high patient compliance

The patient‘s adherence management begins with the medical diagnosis of hypertension. For an effective therapy setting, it is therefore crucial to monitor blood pressure while taking medication and make adjustments if necessary. With our blood pressure telemedicine systems, you can support patients in the first few weeks of their treatment. Daily measurements from the patient, which can be transmitted directly to the practice from anywhere in the world thanks to the integrated GSM module, can be viewed at any time or summarised into an automated report. The knowledge that the doctor is constantly monitoring the undistorted values helps to enhance patient compliance and boost the patient’s awareness. The minimal effort and simplification of the blood pressure treatment increases patient satisfaction and makes everyday practice easier. It has also already been scientifically proven that telemedicine is superior to conventional therapy. Telemedicine has enabled blood pressure readings to be reduced much more substantially in the first few weeks and – with improved patient compliance – more durably thank with conservative therapy.* As a pioneer of innovative solutions, you can offer patients the fastest way to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

* Source: Neumann CL, Menne J, Schettler V et al. Long-term effects of 3-month telemetric blood pressure intervention in patients with inadequately treated arterial hypertension. Telemed J E Health. 2015; 21(3):145-50

We support this service with the following products

HMS CS – the basis for comprehensive hypertension management

The Hypertension Management Software Client Server (HMS CS) is our in-house patient and evaluation management software and seamlessly combines screening, diagnostics and follow-up.
Secure data management and simple networking form a trustworthy basis for every doctor and healthcare provider, who works safely with sensitive data and networks all areas. You save time through direct and wireless communication and location-independent workplaces by using the desktop software HMS CS in all areas of hypertension management. Through the possible integration into your practice or clinic software, you optimize patient management and guarantee full patient management.


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