Kardia Medical @ the 25th Biomedical Engineering Days in Lyon

Starting today, the 25th Biomedical Engineering Days (“AFIB”, https://afib2020.fr/ ) take place at the Lyon Congress Center. Our business partner KardiaMedical is on site with its booth and is presenting our IEM products. You can meet him there until Wednesday.
The aim of this year’s congress is to highlight the challenges posed by the transformation of care pathways and to address the various topics related to biomedical technologies.
The entire healthcare system needs to constantly adapt to demographic, epidemiological and geographic changes. Moreover, with the evolution of ambulatory care, more personalized care, emphasis on patient comfort, and home care, the care pathway is constantly changing.
Given these changes, how will tomorrow’s medical devices help us adapt and develop new approaches? This is where biomedical engineers come in, as they will play a key role in developing new care pathways and further changes.
During this congress, an effort will be made to address these many issues while showcasing individual medical device companies, incl. KardiaMedical, with their expertise and versatility.
The IEM team wishes all congress participants and visitors a successful and educational congress.
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