Our partner in the United Kingdom: Numed Healthcare

Numed Healthcare are a leading supplier of medical products and waiting room TV solutions based in Sheffield. They supply both the NHS and private customers with their main market being primary care (GP practices).

They chose IEM as we make reliable devices that offer the features and benefits that the customers require.

“We really like the Mobil-O-Graph® ABPM. It is reliable, easy to use and we get very few complaints about patient comfort.”

They offer both long-term and short-term rental of the Mobil-O-Graph®. They also offer service contracts on IEM devices through their MediServe Support packages: https://www.numed.co.uk/mediserve

As they integrate the Mobil-O-Graph® with the leading GP clinic systems using their i3 software, this makes the device ideal for use in GP practices. The software prevents staff having to manually enter the patient’s details before the test and the test results are also automatically filed to the patient medical record using the same software. This saves time for the practice and increases patient safety.

There are a range of interesting case studies on IEM devices on their website for everyone who is interested to see: https://www.numed.co.uk/case_studies.


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