Our Telemonitoring-Partner in Italy: Eumaco

Eumaco is based in Padua (Italy) and can rely on more than 15 years of experience in the Italian Telemedicine market. They are currently present in the fields of TELECARDIOLOGY, REMOTE PATIENTS MONITORING and PM/ICD/ICM management. Eumaco sells his solutions throughout the Italian national territory and also in different European countries.

They choose IEM as their partner because the devices automatically transmit the recorded data through the gateway making patients life simpler, because of the high level of quality guaranteed and also for the ease of use of the products.

The feedback they receive more often from their customers is related to the reliability, ease of use and accuracy of IEM devices.

Thanks to the collaboration with IEM they are able to offer to their clients an innovative platform for remote monitoring called STEPP which is fully integrated into their web platform Oyster ECG & More. Oyster is a web platform that fully supports the healthcare professional in the management of devices, improving home care for patients. The purpose of the platform is to support the remote monitoring of ECG and STEPP signals, the reception and storage of data collected by the devices and giving the possibility to draw up the report.

They are currently working to offer their STEPP solution in combination with IEM devices in public hospitals and medical clinics throughout the Italian country.


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