Product solutions for the Covid-19 pandemic

Disposable items for long-term blood pressure measurement provide a solution in times of the pandemic to comply with the higher hygiene standards and to protect against further spread.



IEM offers superior solutions ensuring safe medical care of your patients even during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic while complying with the applicable hygiene standards. The Federal German Agency for Infectious Diseases and the German Hypertension League agree that patients with risk factors of cardiovascular nature, might experience a serious course of the disease. This patient group in particular benefits from the items listed below as they are better protected.


Our portfolio – your benefits

  • Avoiding the risk of infection from contaminated accessories
  • Reduced workload in everyday practice due to dispensable disinfection
  • Performing long-term blood pressure measurements in compliance with hygiene regulations



Disposable blood pressure cuffs (M-XL, M25566207 – M25566209) 

  • Use of the cuffs on both upper arms due to a rotatable hose connection
  • Optimal wearing comfort thanks to soft cuff




Mobil-O-Graph® synthetic leather bag including shoulder strap (M25570401)

  • Multiple use by simply disinfecting the smooth synthetic leather surface
  • Longevity through the use of high quality synthetic leather





Mobil-O-Graph® disposable pouch (M25570406)

  • Hygienic & easy usability of the
    Mobil-O-Graph® due to soft fleece material
  • Visual control of the measured values through a clear window






Upper Arm Cotton Sleeves (M25509200)

  • Supports hygienic use of the cuffs
  • Comfortable wearing comfort due to cotton material




To address any question, please contact your dedicated Area Sales Manager or Customer Service Representative at IEM.

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