eConnect, which is approved as a medical product, was specifically designed for telemonitoring in care projects, doctors’ practices and clinical environments. This modern eHealth transmission modem allows a variety of compatible monitors to be used to record all standard vital parameters. The high level of interoperability allows other Bluetooth devices to be connected to the eConnect on demand so that all needed measured values can be imported with just one modem and transmitted securely. The elegant design and easy plug-and-play handling makes the eConnect ideal for use in a domestic environment.

Customer benefits

  • High patient acceptance among all age groups thanks to easy plug-and-play use
  • Minimised time and workload thanks to automated receipt and transmission of measurements
  • Customised implementation of telemonitoring solutions thanks to high interoperability

System benefits

  • Easy plug-and-play operation and automatic delivery of measurement data
  • High data security thanks to communication encryption by this approved medical product
  • Enables interoperability with almost any measurement device with Bluetooth support
  • Ability to transmit data to third-party solutions


Basic Set B99410000
Our Basic set gives you all the components needed to record and reliably transfer vital signs measured by the patient.

  • eConnect
  • Power adapter
  • Manual


Instructions for Use:

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