getemed PM-100

The PhysioMem® PM 100 enables patients with cardiac arrhythmia disorders to record an ECG anywhere, any time. If symptoms start to appear or occur a regular intervals, patients simply press the back of the device firmly against their chest and push the start button. Once the recording is finished, the ECG is automatically sent to the doctor.

System benefits

  • One-button technology for absolute ease of use of this approved medical product
  • Integrated GSM module for mobile ECG transmission
  • Two-channel ECG by means of four electrodes on the rear side
  • Inductive charging of integrated battery
  • Housing protected against dust and water spray


  • Tele-EKC Event-Recorder PhysioMem® PM 100 incl. pouch
  • charging station
  • wall adapter for charging station (EU)
  • USB cable for charging station
  • carry strap
  • manual
  • patient’s manual


Please visit the getemed website for more information on the PhysioMem® PM 100:

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