MIR spirotel

The MIR Spirotel® spirometer is a medical product that enables simple and precise measurement of peak flow values in a telemedical context and is also very easy to use.

In conjunction with IEM eHealth solutions, it is used to improve patient care in doctors’ practices, clinics and within the scope of medical care programmes. The measured values of patients are automatically transmitted to the doctor or health coach via the eConnect transmission modem after each measurement. This allows the patient’s peak flow values to be viewed at any time, allowing doctors and medical coaches to interact with the patient as needed without any great effort.

Customer benefits

  • Optimised treatment monitoring and ability to intervene promptly
  • Increased patient satisfaction and safety
  • Minimised workload for doctors, medical professionals and patients

System benefits

  • Approved medical product with high measurement accuracy
  • User-friendly thanks to ease of handling, large touch screen and automated data transmission via Bluetooth
  • Suitable for use with different patients thanks to replaceable turbines


  • MIR Spirotel® pouch
  • Mouthpiece
  • Nose clip
  • USB charge cable
  • manual (CD)


Please refer to the following website for more information on the Spirotel®:


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