• From blood pressure to hemodynamics with only one unit
  • Modular upgrades via affordable licenses
  • The best choice for a reliable diagnosis

One unit – numerous options: Even years after purchase the unique upgrade capabilities allow for additional options like central blood pressure or a complete pulse wave analysis with all hemodynamic and vascular stiffness parameters for an ideal cardiovascular management.


The Mobil-O-Graph® is worldwide one of the most popular and trusted ABPM devices for use in doctors’ offices and hospitals.
You decide which parameters you prefer and adjust your choice according to your individual needs. All data is displayed in clearly arranged graphs which are provided as a part of the reports. In addition four internationally recognized pediatric blood pressure limits, included in the software as a standard allow for immediate medical decisions for children and adolescents. This unique combination of hard- and software (HMS CS) reduces your workload and increases your overall efficiency. The ease of use facilitates your daily operational work significantly.

Your advantages

  • Optional step-by-step expansion of ABPM measurement to include central blood pressure and pulse wave analysis
  • Longevity due to high international protection class (IP42) and high quality product components
  • Clinically validated results due to high measurement accuracy
    (BHS A/A grading and ESH)
  • Gentle and fast blood pressure measurement using the Auto Feedback Logic (AFL) algorithm
  • Easy to use and to integrate into everyday practice

Additional areas of application

Cardiology, hypertensiology, general and internal medicine

  • Intuitive user-independent pulse wave analysis measurement
  • Identification of hypertension-related phenomena for better decision-making regarding treatment
  • Support of medical therapy decision based on central blood pressure and hemodynamic analysis (central blood pressure, cardiac output and peripheral resistance)
  • Time saving due to improved personalized medical therapy
  • Optimized patient management thanks to intuitive patient report


  • Patient-specific risk analysis for dialysis optimization
  • Saves time by making specific preparations for the dialysis patient
  • Personalized medical therapy adjustment improves the patient’s quality of life


Basic Set M26100200
With the Basic set, you get all the components you need to conduct long-term blood pressure measurement and then analyse the results in our HMS CS software.

  • Mobil-O-Graph® monitor
  • 1 cuff (size M)
  • 2 Batteries
  • Pouch incl. shoulder strap
  • Set pouch
  • USB bluetooth adapter
  • USB cable
  • HMS CS

Comfort Set
While our Comfort set includes a wide selection of accessories for everyday clinical use, along with the monitor and two analysis units.

  • Mobil-O-Graph® monitor
  • 3 cuffs (size S, M and L)
  • 4 rechargeable batteries
  • Charger
  • Pouch
  • Set pouch
  • USB Bluetooth adapter
  • USB cable
  • Tape measure
  • HMS CS

Premium Set
The Premium set includes the devices with the most exclusive accessories.

  • Mobil-O-Graph® monitor
  • 3 cuffs, turnable (size S, M and L)
  • 4 rechargeable batteries
  • Charger
  • Leatherette pouch incl. shoulder strap
  • USB bluetooth adapter
  • USB cable
  • Tape measure
  • HMS CS


  • License cBP (24h) (Triple measurement, central Blood Pressure)
  • License PWA (24h) (Triple measurement, central Blood Pressure, Pulse Wave Analysis)
  • Mobil-O-Graph® cuff, XS (14-20 cm)
  • Mobil-O-Graph® cuff, S (20-24 cm)
  • Mobil-O-Graph® cuff, M (24-32 cm)
  • Mobil-O-Graph® cuff, L (32-38 cm)
  • Mobil-O-Graph® cuff, XL (38-55 cm)
  • Mobil-O-Graph® Comfort cuff S (20-24 cm)
  • Mobil-O-Graph® Comfort cuff M (24-32 cm)
  • Mobil-O-Graph® Comfort cuff L (32-38 cm)
  • Mobil-O-Graph® cuff M, disposable (24-32 cm) (20 pcs)
  • Mobil-O-Graph® cuff L, disposable (32-38 cm) (20 pcs)
  • Mobil-O-Graph® cuff XL, disposable (38-55 cm) (20 pcs)
  • Mobil-O-Graph® Cotton sleeves (50 pcs.)
  • Mobil-O-Graph® pouch incl. shoulder strap
  • Mobil-O-Graph® leatherette pouch incl. shoulder strap
  • Mobil-O-Graph® charger
  • Mobil-O-Graph® Rechargable battery, 1700mAh
  • Mobil-O-Graph® Batteries, AA, alkaline (4 pcs)
  • Mobil-O-Graph® USB cable, 4-Pin
  • Mobil-O-Graph® USB bluetooth adapter
  • Mobil-O-Graph® Set pouch, printed
  • Mobil-O-Graph® Tape measure
  • HMS CS installation CD


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