Roche CoaguChek

The CoaguChek® INRange is used by patients, doctors’ practices and clinics. Combined with IEM eHealth solutions, it is also used in telemedical care projects where it reliably measures INR or prothrombin ratio values very quickly and uses the eConnect transmission modem to convey the information to the doctor or health coach.
This allows doctors and medical coaches to optimally control therapy and engage with patients with minimal effort.

Customer benefits

  • More security, independence and improved quality of life for patients
  • Faster adjustment of deviations thanks to detailed and accurate control
  • Minimised workload for doctors, medical professionals and patients


  • CoaguChek® INRange device including system bag for storing all system components in a protected and tidy manner
  • 1 x 6 CoaguChek® XS PT test PST test strips
  • CoaguChek® XS Softclix lancing aid
  • CoaguChek® Softclix lancets
  • 4 batteries, type AAA
  • manual


Please refer to the Roche website for more information on the CoaguChek® INRange:

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