Tel-O-Graph BT

The clinically validated blood pressure monitor Tel-O-Graph® BT is the first measurement device on the market that can be used in two areas of application. It can be used for screening in the doctor‘s office and clinic, as well as for telemedical home blood pressure and vascular age measurement.

In screening scenarios, it provides doctors with the ability to use additional measurement parameters such as central blood pressure and pulse wave speed to quickly and reliably identify patients at elevated risk of cardiovascular disease, and to make better treatment decisions.

Telemedical applications
In telemedicine applications, after each measurement the patient’s measured values are automatically transmitted by Bluetooth, in encrypted form, from the Tel-O-Graph® BT to the eConnect modem and then the Hypertension Management Software Client Server (HMS CS) or to a telemonitoring platform. This allows doctors and medical professionals to review measured values at any time with minimal effort, or to make adjustments to treatment.

Customer benefits


  • Fast and reliable identification of patients at greater risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Diverse application options
  • Visualized evaluations in individual reports

Telemedical application:

  • Minimal coaching/support needed thanks to absolute ease of use and reliable data transmission
  • Individual association with project or study-specific needs
  • Implementation of completely unique care services and study designs thanks to optimised measurement of central blood pressure and pulse wave analysis

System benefits

  • Reliable data due to high measurement precision (BHS (A/A) grading) of the approved medical product
  • User-friendly due to one-button operation, large display and fast blood pressure measurement without unpleasant effects (AFL: Auto-Feedback Logic)
  • Option to add central aortal blood pressure and pulse wave analysis individually to blood pressure measurement


eHealth Set T30601101
Our eHealth Set offers you all the necessary components for telemedical use with automatic transmission of the measured values ​​to the eConnect Transmission modem.

  • Tel-O-Graph® BT
  • 1 cuff (size M)
  • 4 Batteries
  • HMS CS
  • Manual

Basic Set
With the Basic set, you get all the components you need to measure blood pressure and then analyse the results using our HMS CS software.

  • Tel-O-Graph® BT
  • 1 cuff (size M)
  • 4 Batteries
  • USB bluetooth adapter
  • HMS CS
  • Manual

Premium Set
While our Premium set gives you highly advanced and extremely agile equipment along with the monitor, offering a long-term option to reshape the everyday routine in your medical practice.

  • Tel-O-Graph® BT
  • 3 cuffs (sizes S, M and L)
  • 4 Batteries
  • Set pouch
  • USB bluetooth adapter
  • HMS CS
  • Manual


  • License cBP (Triple measurement, central Blood Pressure)
  • License PWA (Triple measurement, central Blood Pressure, Pulse Wave Analysis)
  • OD cuff S (20-24 cm)
  • OD cuff M (24-32 cm)
  • OD cuff L (32-38 cm)
  • OD cuff XL (38-55 cm)
  • Cotton sleeves (50 pcs.)
  • Set pouch, printed
  • Batteries, AA, alkaline (4 pcs)
  • USB bluetooth adapter
  • HMS CS installation CD


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