RiC (Recursos en Instrumentación Clínica S.A. de C.V)– Our Distribution Partner in Mexico


RiC https://www.ricmexico.com/es/Product/Brand/IEM  is a Mexican company founded by biomedical engineers with 20 years of experience in the area of ​​medical technology. RiC focuses on service users of medical systems by giving the most valuable – their trust!

You will find in RiC not only an equipment supplier, you will find a business partner with high technical knowledge and a higher sense of service, willing to take care of the customers loyalty by helping them throughout the process of installation, training and after-sales service.

RiC carries out training courses with customers on “How to use IEM PWA – a clinical point of view“ in order learn more and more physicians understand the advantages of this technology.

Despite Mexico’s very price oriented market, there have been an increase of physicians looking for high quality solutions as IEM. After learning about PWA and all its scientific importance RiC knew they had found an expert – not just in BP – but also a leading partner in cardiovascular technologies in IEM.

RiC offers calibration service, preventive and corrective maintenance for all IEM products, as well as home-monitoring services.

Thank you RiC for submitting those customer feedbacks to us:

“Since I met the PWA, I performed it on every patient to understand the hemodinamics and give them a better treatment”

“My patients prefer the IEM Mobil-O-Graph than other devices because it is more comfortable”

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