The Company

Industrielle Entwicklung Medizintechnik und Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH

Stolberg, Germany

Since 1993

Global sales network

As a provider of medical products and services, people are always at the forefront of our work and the company's performance. This is true whether we are developing, producing and supplying products or designing service initiatives.

We view the patient community and patient satisfaction as a yardstick for successful products. This means the best possible technologies, safe products with high suitability for use by young and old in a domestic environment. We are also committed to innovation in our products and services. An essential component of what we do is the in-depth analysis of customer requirements and a comprehension of the entire process chain. We are aware that motivation, expert knowledge and years of experience on the part of our employees, are the key to our success.

Our corporate competence lies first and foremost in "hypertension management technology experts", regardless of whether this involves screening methods for identifying high-risk patients or diagnostic tools. Follow-up management represents a major contributing factor. This includes, in particular, interventional telemetry which ensures effective therapy and compliance management and the documentation of results. As a company with an international presence, I.E.M. is an ideal partner for clinics and research institutions in particular and its core competence makes it stand out.

Our employees are both zealous and committed, regardless of whether we are developing, producing or supplying products, designing service initiatives or creating patient care solutions. Long-term training, targeted measures for personal development and a modern work environment are more than mere catchwords to us.

Our customers always take priority. They demand from us products and services offering clear medical benefits and product and service benefits over the competition for doctors, clinics, patients and companies. We rise to this challenge.

Our doctors love working with IEM products and, on the one hand, enjoy the high-quality service while, on the other, the products or services help with day-to-day patient care decisions, thereby making routines simpler.

They are the measure of all our service and product concepts. They expect a service that offers overall quality for their own wellbeing. We want to deliver that service!