Data Management

Healthcare interfaces and data management

By "data management" we mean providing or supporting healthcare services using information and communication interfaces. Our data management know-how is based on the needs of the medical practice, clinic or patient at home. Valid and tested interfaces are provided for this incorporating cybersecurity and data protection. IEM creates an elegant connection between practice management software / hospital information systems and the patient either on the move or at home.


The Hypertension Management Software HMS Client or Server (desktop application) is the basis for excellent hypertension management and offers optional connection to the "ePA T5" (ePA = elektronische PatientenAkte, or electronic patient records) cloud application. Data that is transmitted telemetrically by patients will then be synchronized directly with the practice management or hospital information system. Synchronization occurs in a matter of seconds.


GDT is the German communication standard for medical software in doctor's practices. By supporting our connection in version 2.1, we are ensuring the transfer of a full report, from individual measurements to long-term blood pressure monitoring. A specially developed interface in our HMS Client Server software enables the convenient transfer of measurements in various formats.



HL-7 is a communication scheme used worldwide that is employed almost exclusively in clinics, hospitals and larger medical care centres. The HL-7 interface makes communication between the HMS Client Server and the hospital information system easier and more convenient using a worklist with search function. This guarantees an error-free transfer of result reports, measurements and records.


XML & Excel

In addition to GDT and HL7, our desktop application also supports exporting measurements and patient data via XML or Excel. The data can be conveniently exported in the desired format manually or automatically and made available in a different place. Combined with the GDT interface, it is possible to automatically transfer and save raw measurement data (XML) together with completed results/reports as a PDF.