Uni-Com – Our business-partner in belgium

We are happy to introduce our #IEM Business Partner in Belgium: Uni-Com (www.uni-com.eu)
Uni-Com is focused on computer based medical diagnostic devices for more than 18 years and collaborates with hospitals, private practices and medical networks.
Cardiologists, nephrologists and GP’s rely on their expertise.
“Working with the best devices is a choice. Based on our long experience, we are able to select for our customers the most efficient and reliable” states Marc Van Anderlecht, Uni-Com Representative.
Uni-Com’s goal is always to ensure the client’s highest satisfaction. A strong and close relationship to the users is their way to fulfill this demand.
Besides sales of medical diagnostic devices, the company offers repair service, calibration, on-site support and staff trainings.

Thank you Uni-Com for our successful partnership!

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